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Church of Epiphany's Italian Festival

Epiphany Church held its annual Italian feast of the assumption festival from Thursday, August 17, to Sunday, August 20.

Every year the festival happens in August, and many residents in Brick and other areas attend.

It’s one of the most popular festivals that happen in the area.

The festival runs from five to ten P.M. each night and always has something fun for everyone to do.

Though the festival is all cash, no card, it consists of rides, food trucks, games, and vendors.

The rides are always something that the kids enjoy.

They can go on rides such as the giant slide, the swings, and the rotor.

For the little kids, there is a small train for toddlers to ride.

The food trucks that attended this year had various food for everyone.

Some trucks consisted of the usual fair and festival food that everyone knows and loves.

They had fried Oreos, funnel cakes, chicken tenders, ice cream, and French fries. All great festival foods that many enjoy.

The festival also consisted of Pizza and sausage, and peppers.

It was one of the most popular food trucks that guests and residents attended due to the occasion.

Other various food trucks also attend the festival.

One truck was doing tacos and stew. Many were waiting outside the truck to taste what they had to offer.

A second truck was doing barbeque, another popular truck attended by many who truly enjoyed the food.

Guests, if they wanted to, could also purchase drinks.

Many enjoyed water, lemonade, iced tea, and soda refreshments.

The Festival also had a vendor for beer and wine if guests wanted to have alcohol.

Guests and residents could also play games if they wanted.

There was dart throwing, can knockdown, frog bog, toilet paper tossing, bowling, and the spray race.

Each game had great prizes to home.

Some games consisted of small plushies you could trade in for giant plushies; other prizes included candy. Kids could also get compensation prizes at the festival, such as stickers and candy.

If adults were not interested in the games but wanted to shop, they could check out the vendors on the other side by the church itself.

Multiple vendors attended the festival.

To name just a few, this year, there was a color street nail stand where anyone could purchase nail stickers.

In a way, this product is like painting your nails without using the paint.

Many attendees were looking around this stand.

Another vendor was a toy stand where children could bring home cool toys if they wanted to.

They had bears, wands, toys that light up, and small cars.

Lastly, another vendor that was there had wall décor.

This vendor mainly consisted of wreaths. Each was a different color, and many enjoyed looking at each.

The festival every year also has a DJ, and this year, he returned to play today, tomorrow, and yesterday's music for everyone to enjoy.

If anyone felt the need to take a break, there was a ton of seating. So guests could still enjoy the festival but just be comfortable.

The festival comes around at least once yearly and is always a great time for everyone.

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