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Will Taylor Swift be at the Superbowl?

Taylor Swift is currently the biggest star on the planet.

It doesn't matter where you go, you will always hear her name and one million people will start talking about her all at once.

Swift has recently risen to fame in recent months, especially with her Eras tour that took place over the summer. Her film also dropped into theaters in October. After that,she became even more popular when it hit the tabloids that Swift was dating current Kansas City Chief Tight End Travis Kelce.

At each one of Kansas City's games each week, she would come in attendance to see Kelce and the rest of the team play.

From what many have said, she seemed to be the team's good luck charm with the number of games they won during the regular season and brought in well over $331.5 Million for the Kansas City Chiefs franchise.

Swift has become a big part of the NFL since then during the season.

She was also in attendance at all of the playoff games during the playoffs.

She was often seen making friends with starting Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, wife Brittney Mahomes and Kelce mother, Donna Kelce, in the suite where family members of the team sit.

The one question that remains is: "Will Swift be in attendance at the Super Bowl?"

At the moment, the answer is unsure, but many have said she is sure to make an appearance. Swift has a 12+ hour flight from Japan to Las Vegas to make it to this year's game on time.

The night before the Superbowl on February 10, Swift is set to perform a concert for the rest of her Era's tour in Tokyo, Japan, but will do her best to be back stateside to watch Kansas City's games.

In the next week or so, Swifties and the NFL will have more of an answer as to whether Swift will attend this year's Superbowl.


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