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Wild Card Weekend Results

This past weekend was the first round of the playoffs. This was the wild card round to see who would move forward and play into the next round.

There were only six games played in total this past weekend.

Wildcard weekend started on Saturday evening, beginning with The Houston Texans and The Cleveland Browns.

This game was interesting as the two teams battled out for a playoff division spot.

Houston took home the win in this game and will be moving ahead after defeating the Browns with a final score of 14 to 45. The Browns were eliminated from moving ahead to the next round.

The following game on Saturday night was between The Kansas City Chiefs and The Miami Dolphins. Both teams pushed through despite below-freezing temperatures. Kansas City defeated Miami with a final score of 7 to 26. The Dolphins were eliminated from the playoffs.

Another two games were played on Sunday evening.

The first game was between The Green Bay Packers and The Dallas Cowboys. The Green Bay Packers defeated The Cowboys with a final score of 48 to 32. While Green Bay moves ahead, the Cowboys' season has ended, and they are officially eliminated from the playoffs.

The Second Game occurred in the evening with The Los Angeles Rams and The Detroit Lions. This game was a very close score game. The Lions beat The Rams by one point in a final score of 23 to 24, eliminating The Rams from moving ahead.

Two more games were played on Monday night to finish the Wildcard weekend.

The Buffalo Bills took on The Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills defeated The Steelers with a final score of 17 to 31. The Bills will move ahead.

The last game for Wildcard weekend was Monday night between The Philadelphia Eagles and The Tama Bay Buccaneers. This game was very one-sided, as Tampa Bay took home The Win. The final score of this game was 9 to 32, eliminating The Eagles from the Playoffs and allowing The Buccaneers to Move Ahead.

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