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Week 5 Bachelor Recap: Joey’s confidence is being put to the test, Do the producers put a lot of pressure and expectations to be perfect?

(Warning this recap contains spoilers of the episode if you have not watched week 5 of the Bachelor, it is recommended that you watch the episode first.)

(Bachelorabc [@Bachelorabc] (19 Februrary 2024) "Fairytale" [Photograph] Instagram.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei starts off the episode showing a lot of different emotions that he is feeling and he explains how he hasn’t opened up since Charity. He feels bad because he really wants to open up to the girls, but he is really struggling. Joey feels like he is expected to be perfect and he feels that there is that pressure on him. It is clear that he is battling a ton of emotions and is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Do we think that the producers put a lot of stress on the bachelor or do we think that Joey is just very overwhelmed? We haven’t really seen Joey open up yet at this point. So far we have only seen some of the girls in the house open up to him, not the other way around. This gives Bachelor Nation an understanding as to why he has not really opened up yet up till this point.

The first date of the night was the group date and on the group date the women and Joey had the opportunity to explore Montreal, Canada. Later during the date, Lexi asked Joey what his timeline looks like after the Bachelor and what life would look like outside the Bachelor for him.

(Disney/John Fleener The Bachelor. 2024. Picture. Located on The Bachelor. Adalusia, Spain. )

He has a much longer timeline than what Lexi is looking for in a partner, and Lexi is very torn after hearing what he had to say. As we know from prior conversations with Joey in the season, Lexi has a medical condition that could cause infertility and could cause her to have great difficulty to have kids, if she is even able to. She left the group date knowing that she really needed to think about all of this because she didn’t know if that would work for her.

After his serious conversation with Lexi, he then got to talk to Jess. She has been feeling a lot of emotions after seeing all of the other women forming stronger connections with Joey than her. She wanted to tell Joey how she is feeling and how she is falling for him, but she didn’t know how he would feel. She began to express her feelings to him and then told him that she was falling for him.

Joey then told Jess that he couldn’t get there and he wasn’t feeling the same. Jess was in complete shock and started to cry a lot as he walked her out. She had asked him “Did I do anything”, and he told her that she did not, but he just didn’t want to keep her around if he did not feel that he could get there. Jess had to leave brokenhearted and she didn’t even have the opportunity to say goodbye to any of the women in the house.

Did we expect Jess to get sent home on tonight's episode?

At this point all of the women on the group date are feeling uneasy after seeing that Joey sent Jess home because they all are realizing that it is becoming very real and stronger connections are forming. At the end of the group date, we find out that Jenn got the first impression rose on the group date.

The first one on one date was with Kelsey T. and they had the opportunity to learn some Cirque du Soleil skills from a professional in the industry. She discusses how her and her Dad were extremely close growing up, and then one day he just completely stopped talking to her. She

explains how he stopped talking to her because she made the decision to not follow her religion and to go to college.

Ultimately, he did not respect her decision to do this and it caused a lot of tension that resulted in him not speaking to her anymore. This has caused her to have a lot of trusting issues in the relationships that she gets in. Joey was very happy that Kelsey T. revealed this story and opened up to him.

(Disney/John Fleener. The Bachelor. 2024. Picture. Located on The Bachelor in Montreal, Canada.

Joey’s next one on one of the night was with Maria, and as we know Maria was off to a really rough start due to the drama with Sydney. So, she is now off to a fresh start now that Sydney is no longer in the house, and she can now focus on her relationship with Joey. Joey took Maria shopping to buy a new dress to wear on their date. He then took Maria on a helicopter over Montreal. They were really able to build more of a relationship on this date since they were so focused on each other and not focused on all of the drama. Do we like Maria now that Sydney is gone or have we always liked Maria?

After Joey’s one on one date with Maria, Joey had an unexpected visit from Lexi. As we know, Lexi had some residual feelings after her talk with Joey on the group date and his timeline didn’t sit well with her. She went to his room to discuss how she didn’t feel that it was a good fit for her because of his timeline. She went to his room to discuss how she didn’t think it was a good fit, and Joey was very confused and upset because he really did have a good connection with her.

He was upset also because he believed that his conversation with her about her medical condition went well and he was really there for her when she told. Joey explains how he really wished that she would have given him the opportunity to try to further discuss his timeline in the upcoming weeks and try to come to an agreement for what works best for the both of them.

Unfortunately, that is not something that Lexi was looking to pursue and she felt that it was best for her to leave. Do we think that she should have given Joey the opportunity to possibly get to the point where she is at with her timeline instead of just leaving? Maybe Joey and Lexi could have come to an agreement on that, but we will never know.

It was now time for the cocktail hour and rose ceremony. It is clear that Joey was struggling a bit emotionally with Lexi leaving because he really did see a possible future with her, but he had to move on and try to focus on all of the other amazing connections that he has with the other women in the house.

During the cocktail hour it was really funny how Daisy had Joey give her a foot massage during their time that they got to talk. It showed that they do have a bit of a goofy side to both of them, and they can have a good time together.

During Jenn’s time with Joey at the cocktail hour she decided to try to teach Joey how to play the piano in front of all of the other women. A lot of them felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to watch as Jess was teaching Joey how to play the piano. Some of the women discussed how it is sometimes hard to watch others have such a strong connection with Joey.

After the cocktail hour was over it was time for the rose ceremony and we then discovered during the final rose who would be going home on tonight's episode. Lea and Kaitlyn didn’t receive a rose. Did we see Lea and Kaitlyn going home on tonight's episode or did we think that someone else would be going home tonight?

(Disney/John Fleener. The Bachelor. 2024. Picture. Located in The Bachelor in Malta, Spain.

This was a very big night for Joey and with four of the women going home, and he is only getting closer to finding his person.

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