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Top 10 Halloween Movies 2023

The weather begins to turn in October, and many things change with Fall.

Everyone begins to prepare for the upcoming holiday, Halloween.

This is a popular holiday that almost everyone enjoys.

During the season, many Halloween lovers sit down and watch movies they genuinely want.

Here is a list of the top ten Halloween Movies to watch this season.

Many of these Picks are by us:

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993. This movie became an instant classic. This movie follows the direction of Tim Burton, who directed other films such as Beetlejuice, The Corpse Bride, and several others. The Nightmare Before Christmas is not a scary movie, and it's great for an evening at home. Over the years, the film has become so popular that throughout the rest of the years, fans can find merchandise pretty much everywhere other than Halloween time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas story follows the popular character Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, who has grown tired of his holiday. Upon his next adventure, he stumbles upon Christmas town. When Jack falls in love with Christmas town, he brings it to life in Halloweentown.

2. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is another Halloween Favorite for many. This film also made its debut in 1993. The film was directed by Kenny Ortega and followed up with a star-studded cast, including Bette Middler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker, among many others. This is an excellent movie for the family to sit down and watch. It's family-friendly and fun.

After moving to Salem, Massachusetts, two siblings, Max and his younger sister Dani and their new friend Allison, decide to go and explore an old abandoned house in the woods. After Allison tells the story of the Sanderson sisters in the place, Max lights the black candle within the home. Chaos begins to ensue, and the three must stop the Sanderson Sisters' shenanigans before the night's end, and they become eternal.

3. Scream (1996)

If you are looking for something more of a slasher film, the Scream (1996) is one you'll want to look into. This film gives a shout-out to almost every slasher classic that has been around since the early 70s. This film took the time to revive the genre; Slasher films had been dying out, and Scream (1996) came in and saved nearly all of them. This film is from the direct of Wes Craven and follows up with another star-studded cast with members such as Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard, and many more. Craven took the time with this movie to reinvent the horror movie and slasher genre, considered a classic in today's slasher and horror movie genre. This movie's music is also well done to go with the theme.

Scream (1996) created a movie monster no one had seen before. Every slasher movie makes it a point to try and figure out who the killer is. In this movie, the killer, Ghostface, kills off teenagers like in any classic horror movie. One girl, Sydney, and her friend contemplate horror movie rules throughout the movie. The film takes many twists and turns, and you'll find yourself figuring out the unexpected.

4. Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is a more recent horror anthology that debuted, but many have enjoyed it. This movie was released in 2007 and directed by Michael Dougherty. Not many big names are in the movie. The actors consist of Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, and Anna Paquin. The movie can be slightly scary at times but can be enjoyable for everyone.

This film takes place on Halloween night. In this movie, many townspeople deal with real-life creatures and terrors. There are multiple stories told throughout the film, each one loosely intertwined. The most famous story involves the iconic Sam, an enforcer of the Halloween tradition. This tale warns viewers what happens when you put a jack O' lantern out before midnight on Halloween.

5. Halloween (1978)

In 1978, Michael Myers made his cinematic debut. The original Halloween is an independent film and Franchise on its own. John Carpenter directed other films such as The Fog, the remake of The Thing, and other classic horror movies. This film has grown to be watched around the holiday every year. Many teenagers enjoy this classic film, and many generations have grown to love it every year. There are currently 13 Halloween movies today since the first one was made.

In the original film, we see the origin story of Michael Myers. The film starts in 1963 when Michael is six years old. He brutally murders his sister, Judith, and is locked away for over 15 years. On October 30, 1978, Michael is being transferred for his upcoming court date. During his transfer, he escapes and steals a car to return to his hometown in Haddonfield, Illinois.

Halloween is also known as the break-out film for world-renowned actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays the starring role of Laurie Strode, the original scream queen and final girl.

6. Friday the 13th (1980)

The Original Friday the 13th made its debut in 1980. This film follows the direction of Sean Cunningham. A big name in this film is Kevin Bacon. If you love slasher movies and plot twists, this is a movie you want to watch this Halloween season. Over the years, it has become famous for many horror movie fans. In the Friday the 13th Franchise, there are now 12 movies. They have made one remake of the original, and multiple sequels extend the story of what happened after the first film.

The original Friday the 13th story is that camp owner Steve Christy is trying to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. After a murder occurred many years earlier at the campsite. As new, young, fresh faces appear at the camp, superstitious locals warn them before a killing spree begins.

One of the sequels is Freddy vs. Jason, where Jason Voorhees combats another classic horror icon, Freddy Krueger.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Another classic horror film released in 1984 was A Nightmare on Elm Street. This movie also came from the craft of Wes Craven. This film is considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made. The film involves a cast that includes Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, and Robert Englund. Johnny Depp also made his film debut in this movie. This classic is considered to be one of the most well-known by many. In 2021, the Library of Congress selected the film for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. The film has always been described as"Culturally, historically, or aesthetically Significant." The Franchise has been built up since then, with nine films.

In the classic slasher film, several teenagers fall to a disfigured midnight man who preys on teenagers in their dreams. In reality, he kills each one of the teenager's dreams that he invades. One girl, Nancy, starts to suspect that a secret has been kept from her and her friend's parents. They believe their parents may be the key to figuring this mystery out.

8. Coraline (2009)

In the last several years, Coraline has become one of the best Halloween movies. The movie has a huge fan base, and many have come to love the film over the years. The movie originates from the original novel by British Author Neil Gaiman. Henry Selick directed the film. She followed a cast with names such as Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Saunders, and Teri Hatcher, among others, in the movie.

Coraline follows the story of a girl who has recently moved to a new home. As she explores, she finds a secret door leading her to an alternate world like hers. She is excited to have discovered the alternate world until she meets The Other Mother and many other alternates in the new world who are trying to keep her there forever.

9. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Another classic Halloween favorite is It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! This movie is a favorite of nearly everyone who has watched it. Charles Schultz originally created the characters in his comic strip Peanuts. They have made many appearances over the years. This movie is a classic family favorite for everyone. The Charlie Brown films are always fun to watch and catch up on every holiday.

In this film, the peanuts gang is getting ready for a night of trick-or-treating and apple bobbing. Linus awaits in the garden for the great pumpkin to arrive, hoping that he will bring all of the toys.

10. Psycho (1960)

Another great film to look into during the Halloween season is Psycho. This original film was released in 1960 and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film has had a good handful of reboots, but the original stands out as one of the best. The movie even received a prequel in the form of a series that was released in 2013 called Bates Motel. This film is considered one of Alfred Hitchcock's most significant works. Film critics praise it for its slick direction, atmosphere, tension, iconic camera work, very memorable score, and memorable scenes.

The plot of the film follows a Phoenix secretary, Marion Crane, played by Janet Leigh, on the run after stealing from her employer to run away with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis, played by John Gavin, who is overcome by exhaustion during a heavy rainstorm. Traveling on the back roads to avoid the police, she stops for the night at the Bates Motel and meets the film's antagonist, Norman Bates, played by none other than Anthony Perkins. Bates is a young man interested in taxidermy and has a problematic relationship with his mother.

Written by Jordan Beaudoin and Edited By Joseph Fyfe

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