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Three Alarm Fire causes Tradgedy in Herbertsville

Cuzzin’s Pizza in Herbertsville has been a staple to the community since the day it and many have been going to the popular pizza place for the last 14 years.

This past weekend, on Saturday Afternoon, a three-alarm fire started and ripped through the small plaza, causing damages to all three of the businesses that were adjacent to it.

Located in the plaza was the popular Pizza Place, Jay’s Food Mart, and Jerry’s Dry Cleaners.

“Neighbors in the area coming to view the scene of Cuzzin’s Pizza’s fire.”

(Photo Credits: Kyle Petzold )

The fire started shortly before 5 P.M., and several fire companies were on the scene.

Those companies included areas, such as Laurelton, Herbertsville, Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant Boro, Silverton, South Wall, and a few others, came to help to stop the fire.

The owner of Cuzzin’s, Alfredo Martinez, was in the restaurant with several other staff members when the fire first broke out.

It started on the roof and spread quickly due to the construction of the strip mall. It tore from business to business quickly.

The roof of the building and the rear walls came down during the fire.

Two firefighters were injured, but all were accounted for when the fire was finally put out.

Medical staff, police, and all responders were also there to help stop the fire.

“Emergency Services helping out with the fire.”

(Photo Credits: Kyle Petzold)

It took two hours to get under control, and when they finally got it to stop, there was barely anything left of the three businesses standing in the plaza.

Emergency services stayed there for 24 to 48 hours to make sure there were no hot spots left in the area to ignite a second fire.

The loss of the Pizzeria saddens many who live in the community.

Others are talking about whether they will rebuild or leave the business alone altogether.

Currently the building is boarded up and decisions will be made within the next few weeks as to what will happen in the area.

A GoFundMe page was started by one of the other businesses, Papa V’s, right up the road from where the three businesses once stood to help out with the damages that affected Cuzzins.

All proceeds will go towards the staff and the business of Cuzzin’s to help them through this difficult time.

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