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The Spirit of Halloween Stores have popped up in New Jersey

Finding that perfect Halloween costume can be tricky for All Hallows Eve.

But don’t worry, there's one in particular store that comes around every year to ensure that that costume comes together with everything you need.

The Spirit of Halloween stores have appeared all over the United States.

Each one will be around from early August to the beginning of November.

This year, there are well over 1,500 Spirit of Halloween stores nationwide.

So, no matter where anyone goes, Halloween costumes can be found for trick or treating, attending a Halloween party, or doing whatever else people please do on the upcoming holiday.

This year is also a big year for the Spirit of Halloween Franchise.

They are celebrating 40 years since the stores first came into existence.

The first Spirit of Halloween store appeared in 1983 in the Castro Valley Mall in San Fransico when Joseph Maver opened his Halloween store.

His original store idea didn’t do well; it was a clothing store for women’s apparel.

His sales were always down, and he had never gotten them to go up, and he, over time, had watched previous Octobers, a Halloween store across from his, dominate the area.

So when they left after some time, he moved everything into storage that he was previously trying to sell and loaded his store full of Halloween costumes, decorations, and other items that seemed to be close to Halloween.

The Spirit of Halloween Stores were born shortly after this.

Since then, The stores have traditionally popped up in strip Malls and traditional malls.

Across the country, each store has typically moved into empty box stores or smaller stores altogether.

Each store is entirely different from the next.

Some are bigger than others but are all wall-to-wall full of officially licensed costumes from many franchises.

The store not only sells costumes and other Halloween house items, but the company also sells other animatronics.

Most stores put a few out on display so everyone can see them.

Most animatronics are newer, but some stores will also put out the older ones they have had over the years.

Customers can purchase nearly anything from any store; the franchise also has an online website where merchandise can be purchased.

When a customer makes a purchase, they also have the option to donate to the partner of the spirit of Halloween Franchise.

In 2006, the company launched its philanthropic arm, The Spirit of Children.

This company supports the Child Life departments that are around the country. All donations go towards this cause.

Their mission is to make hospitals less scary for children and families.

They have raised a lot of money to fund 154 hospital Child Life departments with lots of fun things for kids to do, like art, music, pet therapies, and many other projects.

Many people come around to work either in the stores for the season or just to help volunteer.

This year, in the state of New Jersey itself, there are at least 42 stores. One, if not two, stores in each township.

Spirit Of Halloween only has two competitors, Party City and Halloween Express. Though with how big the Franchise is at this point, that is questionable.

The Spirit of Halloween stores have everything trick-or-treaters need in the coming year.

So finding that perfect costume won’t be a problem at all.

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