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The NFL Schedule Week 2

Week two of The NFL continues this coming week.

NFL fans saw a handful of starters, injuries, and touchdowns in week one.

This week has a good handful of games coming our way.

Kick-off begins Thursday, September 14th, straight through Monday, September 17th.

On Thursday night at Eight 8:15 p.m., the Philadelphia Eagles will play the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL fans won’t see any more football games again until Sunday.

Eight games will start at one P.M.

Those games are:

The Cincinnati Bengals @ The Baltimore Ravens.

The Seattle Seahawks @ The Detroit Lions

The Indianapolis Colts @ The Houston Texans.

The Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Kansas City Chiefs @ The Jaguars

The Green Bay Packers @ The Atlanta Falcons

The Las Vegas Raiders @ the Buffalo Bills

The Chargers @ The Tennessee Titans

The Four and Four thirty P.M. games will continue with four more games.

The 49ers @ The Los Angeles Rams

The New York Giants @ The Arizona Cardinals

The New York Jets @ The Dallas Cowboys

The Washington Commanders @ The Denver Broncos

Sunday night will finish off with the last game of the evening, The Miami Dolphins @ The New England Patriots.

Week 2 will close on Monday night with only two games remaining.

The New Orleans Saints @ The Carolina Panthers

The Cleveland Browns @ The Pittsburgh Steelers.

All games can be viewed on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and the NFL Plus App.

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