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The New York Giants Make Historic Comeback Win

The New York Football Giants are back in action.

After last week's devastating loss to the Dallas Cowboys in a game of 40 to zero, the Giants turned it around in week two and made a historic Giants-era comeback.

The Giants were away in Arizona in week two and took on the Arizona Cardinals.

New York started their first six quarters in the 2023 season in a downfall. It was a scoreless start for this team, but they turned it around in the second half of this game.

The Giants went into the locker room with a score of 20 to zero and were on the path to losing another game.

When the Giants came out of the locker room, they came out as an entirely different team.

The first play that the Giants made when they came out of the locker room started with Quarterback Daniel Jones making a 58-yard pass to rookie wide receiver Jalin Hyatt.

This play set up a 14-yard touchdown for Jones to complete two plays later.

Jones's first touchdown in the second half of the game brought the Giants back to life and made them look better than they had in the first half.

Following Jones's touchdown, the team began to play better than they had been.

Running Back Saquon Barkley scored the following two touchdowns.

The first was a one-yard run that led the Giants into their second touchdown, finishing off the second quarter of the game.

The fourth quarter allowed the Giants to take the lead and bring in the win.

Jones threw a pass to Barkley and scored a nine-yard touchdown for a third touchdown.

Shortly after that, in the last few moments of the game, wide receiver Isiah Hodgins scored the game's final touchdown with an 11-yard touchdown pass from Jones.

At this point, the game was tied at a score of 28 to 28.

Kicker Graham Gano was the one who scored all extra points throughout the game.

In the last 19 seconds of the game, Gano kicked a 34-yard field goal and gave the Giants the win.

It wasn't just the offense at the end of the game that led to the Giants' historic win. It was also the defensive end.

The defense held the Arizona Cardinals at bay for most of the second half, so they could not score any more points during the game.

The Giants (1-1) will stay in the Arizona era for the next week as they prepare for their next game on Thursday night.

The New York Giants will play the San Francisco 49ers (2-0) at eight P.M.

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