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The New York Giants are celebrating 100 years!

This year in the NFL, the New York Football Giants will have a big season in Meadowlands.

The Giants will be celebrating 100 years of making the football team.

The Giants football team first appeared in 1925. Since then, it has won four Super Bowls and had many players in the Hall of Fame.

This year, there will be lots to do and lots to celebrate for the fans and the team.

Fans will witness the six new members who will play on their team in the rookie season.

The Giants' draft went really well this year, and many are expecting the team to play much differently than it did last year.

The Giants took on names such as Malik Nabers (WR), Tyler Nubin (S), Dru Phillips (CB), Theo Johnson (TE), Tyrone Tracy Jr. (RB), and Darius Muasau (LB).

The Giants also signed a new quarterback to the roster, Drew Lock.

In celebrating this anniversary, The Giants will also bring back their original uniforms, worn when the team was first invented in 1925. These uniforms will only be worn for two games this coming season.

The fans will also have a whole lot of fun at the celebration.

ThereCelebrationghts when past players are celebrated at different games, fans can vote on their favorite plays from past years of The Giants, and There will be lots of giveaways at each game this year, too.

Fans will be able to have more Giants Merchandise than they ever thought!

In other exciting news, as of now it looks like Giants Quarterback, Daniel Jones,

In recent weeks, he has been seen practicing on the field with his team members, however he has not been fully cleared to return to full practice times.

After his season ending ACL tear last season, Jones has not played in well over a year, however, he has been working hard in order to be able to come back for this coming season.

This year will be one of the most fantastic The New York Football Giants ever have!

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