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The New York Football Giants Quarterback Situation

The New York Football Giants are ultimately in trouble for the new season when it comes to filling in the quarterback position.

After a tragic last season in the quarterback position where starting quarterback Daniel Jones went out for a neck injury and came back only to go out again with a torn ACL.

Former back up quarterback Tyrod Taylor went out with a rib injury only leaving the fifteen minutes of fame third quarterback Tommy Devito, who made moves for the Giants.

This coming season the Giants are in the middle of trying to figure out who will be starting with the Quarterback position.

Several sources have said that despite signing a 160M deal with Jones last season, the Giants are ultimately done with the starting quarterback.

They recently signed former back up quarterback Drew Lock from the Seahawks hopefully looking to take his place.

As for Devito, Devito will most likely be playing the bench this coming season as his Cinderella story in New York comes to a close.

In the Meantime, it has been stated for the new season by Brian Daboll himself that Daniel Jones will start when he is ready.

If Jones is not ready by the time the season starts, they will have a big issue on thier hands with who their starting quarterback will be.

If things go south with Jones before the draft, The owner of the Giants, John Mara, has already given Brian Daboll and General Manager Joe Schoen full permisson to draft a new quarterback.

The team has also spoken to several players for the position, some say J.J. McCarthy and Caleb Williams but no promises have yet to be made for the position if things don't work out.

Fans also want to see a little competition for the postion.

Hopefully the Giants will get the Quarterback that they truly need for this up and coming season.


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