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The Jenkinson's Boardwalk

If you’re looking for something fun at the Jersey Shore, The Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach is the place to go.

The Boardwalk has many great things to offer for both locals and visitors.

They can ride on rides, play arcade games, play game stands outside, get food, go to bars, and attend the beach during the day.

The Boardwalk has been around since 1928 and has created millions of memories for all guests that have attended the popular area in Point.

This year, the boardwalk is celebrating 95 years.

There is something fun for everyone to do when visiting the popular area, from little kids to grown adults.

For kids, one of the most popular things to do is attend the arcades.

In total, there are four arcades up and down the boardwalk.

South Beach, Pavilion, Franks Fun Center, and South Arcade.

Each arcade is different from one another, but they all offer some great prizes to take home.

Guests could also win other prizes by playing game stands along the boardwalk.

Some games they offer are balloon darts, Spray race, Frog bog, Lobster Bog, Basket Ball, Football Throwing, Soccer, and Ring toss, just to name a few.

If families want more entertainment, they can also visit the ride section of the boardwalk.

They have a good handful that kids, teenagers, and adults can ride on.

They have motorcycles, Helicopters, a Carousel, A Himalaya, Swings, a Pendolo, A pirate ship, a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, and many other popular rides to enjoy.

Guests can also play mini golf on the boardwalk if they feel up to it. There are two courses, both pirate-themed but fun for everyone to enjoy.

If guests are feeling up to doing something else, they can always visit the aquarium.

They have mostly aquatic animals such as sharks, fish, frogs, turtles, and many other types of animals.

You can also see a monkey and a parrot in the upper part of the aquarium.

The most popular attraction that guests will also get to see in the Aquarium is the Penguins.

Guests can stop by and see the penguins be fed during different parts of the day or just watch them play in their habitat.

If guests are feeling hungry, they have many options when it comes to food.

They can go to Little Macs for pizza, sausage, peppers, or other snacks.

If they do not feel up to Little Macs, they can go to Joey Tomato, another pizza joint on the boardwalk.

Guests can also go to South Beach Sweets and Smoothies.

Guests can get a variety of smoothie flavors, such as Mango and strawberry, and a few others.

They could also get bowls if they wanted to.

Flavors such as strawberry, granola, and Nutella could mix it up and add other types of fruit.

If guests feel up to just grabbing a slice of pizza, they could also stop at Joey Tomatoes.

For those who enjoy drinking or getting a nice buzz on, guests can also stop into Martell's Tiki Bar.

Guests can get anything there; you can also find bands playing outside in the evenings.

The beach is also open during the day, but it is closed off to the public by evening.

Guests can also walk down to the end of the pier, where they can watch the sunset or just sit and enjoy the view of the boats.

Before guests leave, they can also stop into any of the sweet shops and get fudge, ice cream, or whatever candy their hearts desire.

In the Summertime, every Thursday night, the Boardwalk has a fireworks show from nine to ten after dark.

The boardwalk always has an event going on for everyone of all ages.

The Jenkinson's boardwalk is definitely something to check out when visiting the area.

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