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“The Calm After The Storm” Season 28 Week 4 of the Bachelor and the intense drama between Sydney and Maria

(Warning: this recap of the Bachelor Week 4 contains spoilers. Do not read if you don’t want the episode to be spoiled.)

Are you team Maria or team Sydney after watching this week’s episodes? There has been quite a lot of controversy circulating about these two as tensions have risen the last few weeks between Sydney and Maria. Although, Bachelor Nation does seem to be team Maria after this week’s episodes. There has been a lot of TikToks circulating prior to the episode discussing whether you are “Team Maria” or “Team Sydney.”

The Bachelor this season, Joey Graziadei is on his journey to find love, but it is never that easy, to say the least. Nevertheless, the conflict between Maria and Sydney has blown up and made his journey to find love even more difficult and stressful. Joey had no idea who was being truthful and honest because of how much time the women spend together when he is not with them. This week would lead to Joey making a big decision and trying to get a clear understanding of who was there for the right reasons.

Let’s recap:

The drama began when Maria made a remark about Madina after Madina expressed her concerns about being older than a lot of the other girls in the house, and she didn’t know how Joey would feel about her being 31 years old. Maria said, “Madina should own her age because she’s a beautiful woman.” Sydney overheard the situation and decided to twist Maria’s words. She made the situation completely different and twisted the whole situation. Sydney later told other girls in the house that Maria was belittling Madina’s feelings.

Sydney decided to tell Madina that Maria was not talking in a good way about her. Maria had the opportunity to come forward to Madina and fully explain what actually happened, as well as what was really said. Although Madina understood where Maria was coming from and moved past the situation, Sydney made it her mission to make this an even bigger problem.

In week 3, on the group date, instead of Sydney taking the opportunity to get to know Joey better, she decided to paint a bad picture of Maria and tell Joey that Maria is “a bully.” This was a large accusation to make, so of course Joey did not take this situation lightly.

In week 4 of Monday Night’s episode, Joey asked Maria and Sydney on a two-on-1 on 1 date in Malta, Spain, so that he could get some clarification on who is being truthful in the feud between the two and who is there for the right reasons. Before this date, a lot of Bachelor Nation could see that Maria had more of a spark with Joey than Sydney and were team Maria after seeing the drama unfold. So, this left a lot of us on the edge of our seats as this date went down because who knows what Sydney was going to say or make up next. There are definitely the people who go on the show to “play the game” and those who are “actually there to find love.” She was doing anything she could to keep herself on the show. Was she really there to actually find love? No one will really ever know because of how wrapped up she was in creating an immense amount of drama.

Bachelor Nation can of course question whether they created more of the drama to get more people invested in watching the show? This is something that probably happens every season, but maybe not the entirety of the drama that happens.

Joey then had the opportunity to talk to each of them privately and discuss what had been happening. Sydney made a comment that Maria made a remark to Lea when talking to Joey, but Maria later denied ever saying anything like that to Lea. Later on in the two-on-1 date, Joey asked them how they felt about having a future with him. It was clear that Maria was being genuine and was there for all the right reasons. Also, it was clear that she was just so fed up and over the drama with Sydney and wanted to finally have the opportunity to focus on her and Joey’s relationship. She wanted the opportunity to finally really get to know him without all of the drama spiraling out of control.

Ultimately, Joey gave his rose to Maria and walked Sydney out. How do we feel after this episode? Did Maria deserve the Rose or did Sydney? After Maria returned to the house some of the girls were very uneasy about Sydney going home.

As for the rest of the house, a lot of people are routing for Daisy to make it to the finale and hopefully getting engaged in the end.

We will see what the rest of the season brings!

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