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Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Delight Health-Minded Gift Givers

A favorite Christmas pastime in many homes is opening a stocking stuffed with gifts on Christmas morning. I remember as a child waking on Christmas morning to find that treasure laden item placed at the foot of my bed.   


My brother, sister, and I would make a game out of opening each item just to make the fun last longer. Little did we know how much that helped our parents get just some extra snooze time in after being up to all hours making Christmas. 


Even though we are all grown up now, including my own son, it continues to be a cherished tradition in my family. As adults, the items we get have changed a little, but we still have a lot of fun seeing what Santa has brought. 


Whether you’ve always partaken of this holiday tradition or you are new to the idea, there are ways to fill those stockings and keep things on the healthy side. Here are some companies that offer seasonal options for everyone, from children to the young at heart. These products are fun and affordable. Some of them even give back with each purchase you make. is a company that has been family-run since 1929. The company was started by “Poppy” Sol, who named it the Newark Nut Company. Sadly, Poppy is no longer with us. His sons, Kenny and Sandy, along with their own sons, Jeff and David, continue to instill his values in the company. 


To keep up with the times, Jeff and David took the company online, renaming it  Though the company has embraced our high-tech world, they insist on knowing their growers to ensure they are getting the best quality products for their customers. They continue today, to roast the nuts purchased in-house just like their founder did.   


For the holidays, is offering free shipping for orders over $59. They also offer 20% off when you sign up for their email.   


Their Santa’s Stocking Stuffers would be a great and delicious fit for Christmas. Don’t let the company name fool you, there is a whole lot more available besides nuts to order in time for filling up the stockings. 


Lake Champlain Chocolates:  I must confess this is one of my favorite chocolate companies. I find their organic chocolates irresistible!   


 Lake Champlain Chocolates is family owned. They have been in scenic Vermont since their beginning in 1983. The family ensures that their ingredients be locally sourced whenever possible. The honey, maple syrup, and dairy they use are all from local farms and producers. Additionally, all ingredients used in their products are organic, fair trade, and have no preservatives, additives, or extenders.   


Their special offer for Christmas is 20% off holiday favorites all through the season. If you are interested in receiving exclusive offers throughout the year, just give them your email. As a bonus, they will enter your name in their “free chocolates every month of the year” giveaway. 


The Lake Champlain Chocolate Snowman is the perfect size to stuff in a stocking, along with the Christmas Chocolate Coin bag and a few others.   


As an aside, they don’t currently have their hot chocolates in stocking stuffer options, but get yourself some anyway. Like all their other products, you are getting clean, healthy ingredients from trusted sources. You’ll also get to enjoy a rich cup of chocolate indulgence. Serve it up in your favorite Christmas mug and enjoy while stuffing everyone’s stockings. 


Dr. John’s:  Dr. John’s is all about health-minded candies. Their confections are sugar-free, using plant base sweeteners and all-natural ingredients. Their attention to making these sweet treats tooth friendly make them the #1 dentist recommended candies. 


Dr. John’s adds to the sweetness of getting their candies by contributing a portion of all proceeds to organizations that support children’s health. This year, they have supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), America’s Tooth Fairy, and Handing H.O.P.E. 


The company offers free shipping on orders over $30 and 15% off your first order when you sign up for their emails. 


Dr. John’s creates hard candies including lollipops, a very manageable size item for stuffing stockings. They come in a variety of flavors that will be a treat for sweet tooth, young and old. 


Conscious Step:  Conscious Step is a company who believes in gifts that make a difference, not only to the receiver but the world. Their products are made from non-GMO, pesticide, and insecticide free materials. So, you know that the items you buy are safe for the person receiving them as well as the environment. 


The company donates a portion of their proceeds to a cause of your choosing. Each item created supports a specific organization, including groups dedicated to saving dogs and cats, restoring oceans, educating kids, supporting mental health, and more! 


Conscious Step is offering free shipping on orders over $75 and 15% off your first order when you sign up for emails. For the holidays, they are also offering 30% off their gift boxes and sweatshirts. 


A sweatshirt may not fit into a Christmas stocking. Of course, that depends on the stocking. However, socks do!   


Usually, socks, along with underwear, are reserved for those dangerously close to getting coal. Not these socks! They will be a hit for the great work they are doing in the world and the many designs and causes to choose from.   I even found ones with SpongeBob for saving oceans! 


Mindful Gifts:   Mindful Gifts are all about wellness. All items selected by this company are made in small batches by select companies. The companies that they choose to partner with give to charities and/or are ecofriendly using sustainable practices. 


Mindful Gifts goes one step further by donating 10% of their direct profits to organizations that are focused on kindness and unity. They also have their own program that provides gift baskets to those in need. 


Mindful Gifts offers 10% off your first order when you sign up for emails. They additionally offer 15% off when you check out using PayPal. 


They offer a broad range of gifts ideas. Their Pinch Me Therapy Doughs will be a great fit for those stockings you’re stuffing. The doughs come in a variety of colors and aromatherapy scents. You’ll ease the stress of the holidays for everyone on your list with this therapeutic take on playdough. 


This offering of healthier stocking stuffers barely scratches the surface of possibilities. Hopefully, it gets your creative gift-giving mind going, and you have fun with this holiday gift-giving tradition. And remember, if you wrap each individual stuffer, it buys you time for a little longer of a winter’s nap come Christmas morning. 


We’d love to hear about your favorite stocking stuffers, as we’re always looking for ideas, too! Share in the comments, and have fun getting ready for the holidays. 

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