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Results of The Divisional Round

This weekend's Divisional Round knocked out four more teams from the Playoffs.

There were a total of four games that went down between Saturday and Sunday Night.

Saturday consisted of The Houston Texans against The Baltimore Ravens and The Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers.

The first game was fast-paced and pretty much one-sided. The Baltimore Ravens beat out The Houston Texans, eliminating them from the playoffs in a final score of 10 to 34. Baltimore will move ahead into the next round.

The second game with The Green Bay Packers and The San Francisco 49ers was much closer in score. The two teams had a hard battle, and many excellent plays were made. However, San Francisco took the win with a score of 21 to 24, allowing them to move ahead in the Playoffs this coming weekend.

Sunday Consisted of two more games. These are games that many had been looking forward to all weekend. The first game was between The Detroit Lions and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game was another close-in call game. The teams were very close in scoring for the fourth quarter. The Detroit Lions made one last touchdown in the previous quarter, pushing forward their playoff drought and taking home the win. The final score of this game was 23 to 31.

The last and final game of the weekend was one that many NFL fans were looking forward to. This game was between The Kansas City Chiefs and The Buffalo Bills. This was a very close in-call game. The game ended not how everyone had hoped, but The Kansas City Chiefs brought home a win, pushing the Buffalo Bills out of the Playoffs with a final score of 24 to 21.

All four winning divisional-round teams will move into the Championship round of the playoffs this coming weekend.

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