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No Trick to Tasty, Yet Healthy, Treats for Halloween

Though the custom of Trick or Treat dates to ancient history, think Celtic celebrations, its current iteration into the giving of sweet treats dates to the 1950’s. The tradition was popularized at that time in comic strips and animated cartoons, and it has stuck since then.

Remember, as a kid, you always knew the best houses to go trick or treating? They gave out the popular treats. (In large sizes if you were lucky!). You also knew and avoided the house with the not-so-popular items. You could get raisins, pennies, and apples at home… I might be dating myself a little with those items!

Now you’re the adult, and you get to enjoy giving out the goodies. It’s fun to see the neighborhood kids all dressed up as their favorite characters, shouting “Trick or Treat!” as they run up to your door. That is unless you’re the house without the goods…

As a grown-up, you may feel a need to toe the line of responsibly filling everyone’s treat bags. How do you keep the kiddies smiling and give out goodies parents will appreciate, too?

Fear not. There are some delicious AND healthy trick-or-treat options that might just keep everyone happy!

Yum Earth: Yum Earth offers a line of little kid favorites that are organic and allergy-friendly. Just in time for Trick or Treat, they have Halloween variety packs available with their most popular items: Gummy Fruits, Pops, and Giggles.

Their snack packs are available at Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Walmart, Target, and Sprouts. However, I was only able to find the larger variety packs online. Bonus, if you do order online directly from Yum Earth, they have up to 20% in discounts for Halloween!

Unreal Snacks: Unreal Snacks asked the question: “why do the foods we love most have to be so bad for us?” Then, they got to work recreating our childhood favorites.

They have made their treats with real and wholesome ingredients while not sacrificing the confectionary delight of candy kids desire in their trick-or-treat bags.

You’ll be a hit with their Coconut Bars, Caramel Peanut Nougat, and Gems. (Comparable to Mounds, Snickers, and M&M. Just don’t tell Hershey or Mars!)

You can find Unreal Snacks in Whole Foods, Target, and Sprouts. Their value bags have individually wrapped candy. Larger Grab and Go boxes are available, too, but you might only find them online.

Smart Sweets: For the kid-friendly gummy aficionados. Smart Sweets has produced the redo's of our childhood favorites, including their versions of Swedish Fish, Red Licorice, Gummy Worms, and more.

Smart Sweets versions of trick-or-treat favorites have up to 92% less sugar but all the sweet (and sometimes sour) flavors kids love. They are available at Target, Whole Foods, Albertsons, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and Sprouts, as well as online.

Justin’s: And now for the classic peanut butter cup, or almond, or cashew! Justin’s Nut Butter Cups are available in all three options, as well as milk and dark chocolate.

The nut butter cups have been elevated to a whole new level by Justin’s, producing creamy, delicious chocolates and fillings that are organic as well as free of preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

Hopefully, these goodies make it into the trick-or-treaters bags. They are hard to resist for the grown-up kids! Justin’s can be found in Whole Foods, Krogers, Target, most natural food stores, and, of course, online.

It’s a real treat having no need to sacrifice the yummy fun of Halloween with companies like these. They have figured out how to make candies that are both scrumptious and healthier than traditional favorites.

Having these options available at your house may just make you the neighborhood favorite with everybody, so make sure you stock up with plenty for all your trick-or-treaters and have a Happy Halloween!

Please note: neither the author nor the website have been compensated by any businesses documented in this article.

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