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Nickelback's Concert

Between the lights, pyrotechnics, and the crowd it is easy to get lost in the excitement of the Nickelback Get Rollin’ Tour.

Fans of all generations, young and old, filled the seats and lawn at the PNC Arts Center on August 31st. Surprisingly, even though the opening acts were country artists the crowd was ready for the change of pace. With fantastic opening acts, Josh Ross and Brantley Gilbert, the crowd was roaring and dancing by the time Nickelback came to the stage.

Although this tour was to promote their new studio album, Nickelback played some of their classic hits such as “Savin’ Me,” “Far Away,” and “How You Remind Me.” They kicked off the concert with one of their new songs “San Quentin.” It was nice to mostly hear their classic hits, especially with the members from the older generation in the crowd.

Before their set started Nickelback showed a short clip on the screens around the venue about providing relief after natural disasters with their song “When We Stand Together” playing in the background.

Nickelback has said in an interview announcing the tour that they love to do some improv during their concerts. However, if there was any improv it almost went unnoticed, except for the very noticeable moment when the band brought a friend on stage to sing their song “Rockstar,” the band reassured the crowd that this was the first time they did this and had no idea how it was going to go. Although, they did cover versions of the songs “Copperhead Road” and “Hero.”

One of the best moments of the concert was the whole venue pulling out their flashlights to shine for the song “Photograph.” Seeing all the couples and families swaying to the song singing together. For others, the whole concert was their favorite moment, just families enjoying the music together.

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