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NFL Week 18 Schedule

We have officially come to the end of the regular season as of this week.

This week will be the last week when all 32 teams will play in the league.

Next weekend will begin the wildcard weekend, where specific teams will play to fill in the spots that have not yet been claimed for the playoffs.

This weekend's schedule will only have both Saturday and Sunday games. Two days that will be full of nothing but football! Fans will have one last chance to see all their favorite teams play for one last time this season.

Saturday, January 6, will start at 4:30 P.M. that game will consist of The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Following the 4:30 P.M. game, the next game that will take place will be between The Houston Texans and The Indianapolis Colts. This game will start Saturday at 8:20 P.M.

The NFL will return on Sunday for another set of action-packed games.

At One P.M., there will be six games that will take place. These games will consist of The Jacksonville Jaguars and The Tennessee Titans, The Minnesota Vikings and The Detriot Lions, The Atlanta Falcons, and The New Orlean Saints, The New York Jets and The New England Patriots, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and The New Orlean Saints, and The Cleveland Browns and The Cincinnati Bengals.

Games will continue at 4:25 P.M., with seven more games. These games will consist of The Chicago Bears and The Greenbay Packers, The Dallas Cowboys and The Washington Commanders, The Denver Broncos and The Las Vegas Raiders, The Philadelphia Eagles and The New York Football Giants, The Seattle Seahawks and The Arizona Cardinals, The Las Angeles Chargers and The San Francisco 49ers, and The Kanas City Chiefs and The Las Angeles Chargers.

The last game to finish the weekend will be Sunday night. That game will consist of The Buffalo Bills and The Miami Dolphins.

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