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New Jersey Devils Stadium Series at MetLife Stadium

"Let's go, Devils!"

It's that time of the year again when the NHL will be hosting their annual Stadium Series games!

On Saturday February 17, MetLife will be hosting this years annual game. This is the second time in the New Jersey Devils and NHL history that the Devils will be making an appearance in the stadium series games.

This years Stadium Series will be a little bit different then previous years. This year marks 10 years since the Stadium Series was started. These games first began in 2014 and, the league has been having one game a year for this series since then. This year, the league decided to change things up and host two games and even have a pregame concert where the Jonas Brothers are performing.

In these two nights there will be a lot happening. The first night will consist of the Devils against the Philadelphia Flyers, The Second night will consist of The New York Rangers against the New York Islanders, and a performance during the first intermission by AJR.

(Devils.Fanpage [@Devils.fanpage] (2024, 2 Feburary.) Happy Birthday Curtis Lazar! [Photogrph] Instagram.

There will be many other things at the game for fans to do and get involved in.

Previous years were more subtle at each stadium between the different teams.

Many Devils fans are looking forward to seeing their team make another appearance in the Stadium Series. The New Jersey Devils were one of the first teams to play in the 2014 Stadium Series. So it only happens once in a blue moon for them to play in a game like this.

The pregame concert will start at 6:30 P.M., and then at 8 P.M., the official game will start.

For this unique type of game, the Devils ' jerseys will be different than their usual uniforms. They will still wear red; however, the numbers and stripes on these Jerseys will all be in black. They are unlike any of the uniforms that the team has ever worn before.

This game will take place out doors with an open roof. MetLife is a bit different in its set up, unlike other stadiums, There is no enclosement. So fans will have to dress warm no matter what the weather is that day. The weather is unsure of at the moment, and it could turn out to be rain, freezing temperatures, or possibly even snow, but many fans are hoping for decent weather for the night of the game.

(Devils.Fanpage [@Devils.Fanpage] (2024, 27 January)Joseph Marino 300th Goal [Photograph] Instagram.

With how extensive and widespread the Stadium Series games are, the franchise is expecting

many fans to come and support the team as they play in this historic game.

Here is what a few fans had to say about the up-and-coming hockey game.

Joshua Langer, a social media promoter for the Devils for the last eight years, had to say this, "I'm really excited. I'm looking forward to it, I've never been to one," Langer said. Langer has been a die-hard Devils fan since he was born and he keeps up with the team. He will be attending the game at the end of the month.

Another fan of the New Jersey Devils, Sophia Sacewicz, had to say this about the upcoming game, "I am. I really wish I could go to them, but I am looking forward to them. Having an optimistic outlook as, a Devils fan, I want them to win. So, I want them to win, and I am going to manifest that for them. If they don't, it'll be a little upsetting," Sacewicz said.

As the game draws closer, many will be able to get an idea of how the Devils will do in the Stadium Series game. They have lost the last few of their games, but there may be a good chance that they may make a comeback.

(Devils.Fanpage [@Devils.Fanpage] (2024, 26 January) 10 years ago Stadium series game [Photograph] Instagram.

The New Jersey Devils have a lot ahead of them and a lot of work to do before this game.

Fans definitely have something to look forward to at MetLife Stadium at the end of February.


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