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Meet GirlbossaNova, Manasquan’s rising Girl Band

When it comes to Alternative Rock and punk, it's not every day that you see a group of girls rocking it out on stage. Often times, it's a group of boys, but if you run into Girlbossanova at one of their many shows, you are definitley in for the thrill of your lifetime.

Girlbossanova has been on the rise, and things are about to get even crazier for them than they already are now.

What started as a small group for Manasquan, New Jersey, has grown into something bigger than these four could have ever thought of, and they have been having a blast playing the whole time.

Here is a little bit about the group and what they are doing when it comes to playing their music.

Who is Girlbossanova

(stuffbypatsy [@stuffbypatsy] (29, January 2023) Big announcement. [Photograph] Instagram.

Girlbossanova consists of four members who all grew up in Manasquantogether and have been friends forever. These members are Liz Roberts, Sarah Hazuka, Erin Mcbride, and Emma Mcbride. All original members that created the group together. Each group member specializes in something different when playing in the band together.

(Crespi,J. [@jeffcrespirocks ] (2, November 2023) "House of Independents" [Photograph] Instgram.

Liz Roberts is the band's guitarist. Roberts just graduated from Marist College and has been playing guitar since she was about 13 years old. Roberts has also just applied to law school. Roberts enjoys the band and playing when they get to a gig together.

(Hazuka, S. [@sarahhazuka] (31, January 2024) "Couplea Fix" [Photograph] Instragram.

Sarah Hazuka is Girlbossanova's drummer. Hazuka has been playing the drums since she was six years old. As a child, she would take sticks and buckets in her backyard and bang on them. When Hazuka is not at school or band practice, Hazuka enjoys skateboarding. She recently graduated from Rutgers and just started a job at Lake House Music.

(Crespi, J [@jeffcrespirocks] (2023, December 29) Via Crowe release show. [Photograph] Instagram.

Erin Mcbride, is the writer for the group and the bands lead singer. She definitley has had a love for music since she was a child. Mcbride is pursuing English at Monmouth University. Mcbride also loves her friends and her family. She is a part of the triplet trio within her family.

(Crespi, J. [@jeffcrespirocks] (30,June 2023) "Stone Pony" [Photograph] Instagram.

The last and final member of the group is Emma Mcbride. She is also part of the triple trio with her sister in the band. Mcbride has played the bass since her sophomore year of high school, and her music has been in her life forever. In College, she is currently studying Art Education. Mcbride has designed the cover for their most recent album release.

Each one of the girls has stated that they love to be a part of the band.

How was GirlbossaNova Born

(Stuffbypatsy [@stuffbypatsy] (5, January 2023). "Hey." [Photograph] Instgram.

Girlbossanova was created a few years ago, right around the time the Pandemic started. In talking to the group, the four members have been friends since they were kids, and they all share a love for music. When they had initially discussed the idea of playing together, everyone was already on board.

Emma Mcbride had added a comment about how the group had come together.

"We've been musicians since we were kids, and we've all always been best friends, so it just worked out really well. Everyone agrees. So it just happened," Mcbride said.

Since then, the four of them have been playing their hearts out and spending time playing music together. Most of their practices happen before their gigs or when they have some free time.

What Girlbossanova is about

(Stuffbypatsy [@stuffbypatsy] (19, March 2023) "Show annoucement" [Photographs] Instagram.

Girlbossanova has been on the move for the last two years since the band pretty much had gotten started. They have been almost all over the state of New Jersey.

Erin Mcbride had commented on how they feel about the traveling.

"We don't mind the Travel; we enjoy it." Mcbride said.

They play a gig almost every other weekend at a different venue.

Last semester, it was harder for them to play venues, but this semester has lightened up, and they have booked different venues. So many to the point that they had to close their spring booking and open up their summer booking for events, which has almost filled up, too.

Girlbossanova has appeared in places such as Primetime, The Stone Pony, Crossroads, The Chubby Pickle, Seven Creast, T-neck, and The Meatlocker.

In the coming months, they will get to play in New York City.

Girlbossanova has also played college shows during their travels.

They have not made headlines independently but have opened up for other bands. Some of those bands just to name a few are, Jack Powers, Noise Boys, and Ruby. Each one they have had a blast opening up for.

Hazuka commented this, "We have played with awesome people, like Jack Powers, Noise Boys, and Ruby!" Hazuka said.

Hazuka has also stated they have been among legends, especially at The Chubby Pickle in the Atlantic Highlands, such as Guy Fieri and others.

"We have been among so many different legends!" Hazuka said.

Where Does the Music come from?

(GirlBossanova [@Girlbossanova] "ChubbyPickle Weekend" (9,July 2023) [Photographs] Instgram.

GirlBossanova has come a long way.

When the group first started to play together, they had been doing many different covers by many different bands from the 90s. This was when they were only opening for very few bands and at the time they hadn't quite started to write their own music yet.

In the last year, the band has been able to release a few songs of their own. They have kept wr, writing, and currently, they have five songs together, but only three have landed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Those songs are titled "It's not them I want, it's who they are," "The Hat Man Pt. 2," and "Sick."

They have kept on writing and they are currently working on a new song.

We had the chance to ask them where their music comes from and what inspires them to write these songs.

Emma Mcbride had answered these questions.

"Liz usually starts with a really cool guitar part, and I write it following her. Somedays we work together and it just comes together when we add Sarah and Erin in." Mcbride said.

Mcbride also added another comment shortly while we talked to the band, "Most of our music comes from break up songs, feminism, and experiance. Most people don't see girls in a rock band, so we get treated a little bit differently and sometimes that helps with our music too," Mcbride said.

What the future holds for Girlbossanova

(Stuffbypatsy [@stuffbypatsy] (5, January 2023) "." [Photgraph] Instagram.

Girlbossanova has big future plans for the group. Despite them playing in New York, they have many other gigs coming up for the spring and most likely in the summertime too.

They want to continue to work on their songs, have plans to keep writing, and, at some point, have a complete set of their own.

The band has contemplated expanding to be a group of five, but that did not work out.

Emma Mcbride says she enjoys it just being the four of them anyway.

"I love just having the four of us. We're like the core four." Mcbride said.

The band hopes that over the summer, they will be able to write more new music.

Where can you find them?

(Girlbossanova [@Girlbossanova] (31, May 2023) "Crossroads" [Photograph] Instgram.

Girlbossanova can be found anywhere. They have many shows scheduled and will be playing almost every other weekend in the spring and the summertime.

Girlbossanova is also easy to find on both Instagram and TikTok.

It's mostly Instagram, where you will find out about where they are going to be playing next and who they are going to be playing with.

TikTok and Instagram have been big eye openers for the group and have gotten their name out there to the public eye.

The group likes to make their social media fun when they post.

On Instagram, Girlbossanova has almost 900 followers.

In talking to the group, they have said most of their followers consist of friends of friends, but some are fans who pick them up.

Hazuka had commented on what they liked about their social media, and many people reached out after the shows.

"We think it's interesting how people know who we are. It's Awesome!" Hazuka said.

Check-in on Girlbossanova

(Crespi, J. [@jeffcrespirocks] (20, July 2023) "Upcoming Shows" [Photograph] Instagram.

Girlbossanova is definitely on the rise, and within the coming months, it will hopefully be a household name within New Jersey.

You can find their music and show updates on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Be sure to check out Girlbossanova and attend the next show that they will be playing at. These shows are wild!

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