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Fantasy Suite Week and Predictions For The Final Episodes

This article contains spoilers for the most recent Bachelor episode.

Let’s Recap:

As we know, or for those who don’t know, the final three are Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, and Kelsey Anderson. These three just underwent hometowns, which were good and reassuring for some, and for others, maybe not.

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Kent left with a very positive mindset after chatting with her Dad, and he said, “Shoot your shot,” and her dad said, “It's not like you are going to lose your hearing over it.” Her dad seems like an amazing guy. It looks like they have a very good relationship, and they both have a great sense of humor.

Anderson's hometown is very different since her mom passed away, so it was probably hard for her to bring Joey Graziadei home and not have her mom in the picture. Her dad is uplifting and sweet with the circumstances of not having her mom there. He also seemed to connect well with him. Her dad would make the perfect golden bachelor for the next upcoming season!

Lastly, Nance's hometown was a completely different story; although they had an enjoyable and amazing day, it is quite difficult with different cultures meeting your boyfriend. Her dad didn’t seem very fond of the relationship, and he did not give his blessing. He told her that Graziadei would have to call if she made it to that point. She was excited to see her family, but she probably expected her dad to react differently and be open to the idea of a potential marriage.

This Week's Episode:

The first date was with Nance and Graziadei, who took her to jump into a gorgeous lake in Tulum, and they were jumping off platforms when she hurt her jaw. She had to go to the hospital, as she believed that it was possibly broken because at first she couldn’t open her mouth. Graziadei stayed by her side and was there for her, even if it completely ruined her day.

Luckily, her jaw turned out not to be broken, and she began to feel better. She was able to continue their date and have dinner and drinks together. Unfortunately, she felt behind and hadn’t been vulnerable enough to him.

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Her incident with her jaw threw a curve ball into getting to talk to him more. She could express that to him, and he gave her the key for the fantasy suite. In the morning, it did look like they had a lot of good conversations and got to know each other more privately off-camera. Will this be enough for her to make it to the end?

The next date was with Anderson, and on this date, he took her on a boat. Her yellow outfit and her braids were so fitting for their date! They both showed how they can have such a fun time together. They constantly laughed and continued those good conversations to further grow their relationship.

Although, up until this point, she has not yet used the “L” word. He was kind of waiting for her to do it, as he felt the same towards her. When they were on their date, she told him how she was in love with him, and she said “ I love you” multiple times throughout her date. She also discussed and was very vulnerable about her mom.

On their date at dinner, he gave her the key to the fantasy suite, and they decided to go. The next morning, they both said they had some very valuable conversations, and they overall seemed like they had an amazing time getting to know each other off-camera more. They were making breakfast together, and it looked like they were already a married couple living together and cooking breakfast together. Their relationship is so strong and has flourished so much that there is a strong possibility of them being engaged or together in the end.

The last date was with Kent, and this date was so much fun they went on ATVs together. They both have such a fun time when they are together and have such a good connection. Graziadei lights up so much when he is with her, and it is clear that he makes him really happy when she is around him.

She used the “L” word throughout her date as well. You can tell these two really have had such a strong relationship and connection throughout the whole season so far. He gave her the key to the fantasy suite at the end of the date, and their time together off-camera seemed really good and allowed for more quality time together. They have always had such a good time together, so this date only allowed them both to grow more in their relationship.

Predictions for the Next Few Weeks:

Next week, it is possible that we may see the rose ceremony and see who goes home after fantasy suite week. Many rumors are circulating that Nance is going to be at the women's tell-all episode, so this means that there could be a possible breakup shown during the episode.

Although Nance and Graziadei have had such an amazing time so far together, their relationship does not seem as strong as his relationship with Anderson and Kent. We may see next week if these rumors are true or not.

There have been so many other rumors circulating predicting whether it is Kent or Anderson in the end, but the biggest rumor circulating is that Kent tells Anderson, “It is not me. It is you”, and she does not show up to formally break up with Graziadei. If this rumor is true, it will be interesting to see whether Keny was his first pick. This could be why he says in the previews that “this is something that has never happened before.” We also see him crying in the preview, so it is clear that he is heartbroken or he had to break one of the girls' hearts.

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This is one of the best seasons of The Bachelor that we have had in so many years. Graziadei seems like he has such amazing intentions, and he is not lying to any of the people as he is looking for a real connection and relationship.

It should be exciting to see what the future holds for Graziadei in the upcoming episodes and what events will unfold.


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