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Cody Rhodes Is The New Undisputed Wrestlemania Champion

Updated: Apr 9

Cody Rhodes is the new Undisputed Champion in the WWE.

This past weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wrestlemania 40 took place.

A lot happened at the event and many WWE fans were in attendance. The stadium was filled with millions coming to see the show.

It was two nights of spectacular events that led to Rhodes's story coming to a close.

There were multiple matches held during the two nights.

Becky Lynch versus Rhea, Ripley, Drew McIntyre Versus Seth Rollins, Logan Paul Versus Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and many more.

The main event for the WrestleMania weekend, was Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns.

This was full of emotion and a lot of people had many feelings for Rhodes throughout the two nights and they wanted to see him take the belt.

The first nights main event match consisted of Rhodes and his tag team partner Seth Rollins. The two of them took on Dwayne "The Rock," Johnson and Reigns.

This match had stipulations to it.

If Rollins and Rhodes won the first match in Night Two, Reigns would not be allowed to bring in anyone else to help him win the second match in night two against Rhodes.

If The Rock and Reigns had won the match, they would be allowed to bring in anyone they wanted from their bloodline.

This match resulted in a win for The Rock and Reigns.

On night two of WrestleMania, the main event was even wilder than night one.

The match started out with just Rhodes and Reigns, and things got even crazier as the match went on.

Reigns had help from The Rock and others, such as Solo Sikoa.

Rhodes had back up during his match against Roman; many big names made an appearance, such as John Cena, Seth Rollins in his Shield attire, and The Undertaker, made an appearance to help Rhodes get his happy ending.

Rhodes defeated Reigns at the very end of the match.

From then on, things got even more emotional for him, his family, and the WWE.

Rhodes was the first in his family to win a belt despite his dad, Dusty Rhodes, wrestling in the WWE in the late 70s and early 80s.

Many fans were thrilled to see  Rhodes finally win a belt.

His story and chapter now come to a close after WrestleMania 40, and many are looking forward to his up-and-coming future.

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