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Charles Martinet, The Voice of Super Mario, is Retiring from the Iconic Role

Charles Martinet is stepping away from voicing the iconic characters of Super Mario, Luigi, Wario, and many others after 30 years.

On Monday, both Nintendo of America and Martinet announced on X, formally known as Twitter, that he will be moving onto a new adventure.

“It has been an honor working with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years, and we want to thank and celebrate him. Please keep an eye out for a special video from Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles himself,” Nintendo said.

“My new adventure begins! You are all number One in my heart! # Woohoo!!!!!!!” Martinet said in a retweet of the post.

Martinet will still have much to do with the character; instead of being the voice, he will become a Mario Ambassador.

This means that Martinet will be traveling worldwide representing the Iconic Red Plumber. He will sign autographs, do the voices of each character he has worked on over the years, and promote Mario.

Martinet came to Nintendo in the early 90s when he was holding out to get the role to voice the character.

The company was looking for people to fill the voices of the characters. At the time, Mario and Luigi and most characters did not talk very much in the games that were being released.

The first thing said to him by the casting director was, “You're a plumber from Brooklyn, New York, who likes pizza. Go!”

Like that, Martinet started to spout things off in Mario's voice that he was making a pizza.

He made up Mario’s iconic quotes such as, “It’s-a-Me-Mario!”, “Let’s-a-go!” and “Mama Mia.”

This was in early 1991, but no one knew who he was until 1996 when Super Mario 64 was released on the Nintendo 64.

Ever since then, he has been the voice of Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, and Luigi in each game that has been released.

Martinet also made a short cameo appearance in the “Super Mario Bros Movie,” that was released earlier this year where he was the voice of Mario and Luigi’s Dad.

That was his last voice cameo as one of the characters in Mario World.

The new game, “Mario Wonder,” will be the first Mario game released in several years, and it’s going to be the first without his iconic voice recordings.

It is unclear who will soon be taking over the Role of any of these characters with Martinet stepping away.

Martinet has always had and will always have a strong love for the Plumber, his love for him is as great as his career has been over the years.

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