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Brick's Birthday Party

Brick Township, New Jersey, is turning 174 years old!

The Township will be hosting a birthday party for the town on Saturday, February 10, from 3 to 5 P.M.

The event will occur at the Civic Center on 250 Chambers Bridge Road.

The party is set to have many groups in attendance!

Just to name a few of the groups that will be at the towns party will be The Garden State Art group, the Brick MUA, The Brick Historical Society, The Brick Township Fire and Safety Bureau, The Brick Police Department, The Ocean County Library, and a few others. They will have tables set up for all guests to explore and look into.

This party is mostly focused towards the younger crowd in Brick but all are more then welcome to attend!

Guests will be able to decorate thier own cupcakes, make goodie bags, make friendship bracelets, and have lots of cotton candy! Something fun for everyone who attends!

The Advisory Committee for the Mayor comprises of both Brick Township and Brick Memorial Students after the idea was brought up and created in 2016 by a group of students in Elementry school. Since then, The tradition has continued for the last several years and the town hopes to continue this event!

Be sure to stop into the Civic Center this Saturday to check out this event!


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