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Alligator on the loose in a Park in Middlesex County

An Animal alert was issued early Monday at Victor Crowell Park in Middlesex Borough County after an alligator had been spotted at the park on Wednesday, August 23.

It’s not every day that you hear an alligator has been spotted in a New Jersey park; it’s something you would usually hear about in Florida or Georgia.

The Middlesex Borough County Police Department responded to the call in the afternoon and has been looking for the alligator since then.

The alligator currently resides in the park's pond, Lake Creigton, also known as Duck Pond, and in The Ambrose Brook.

The Alligator is estimated to be three to four feet long and has done a decent job hiding itself from the public eye.

On Friday, A witness reported they believed the Alligator had submerged itself in the pond after it attacked a duck and pulled it under.

Over the weekend, the police department was able to locate the alligator themselves and tried to neutralize it with their firearms at neutral proximity. Still, since then, the Alligator has returned to the pond and not come back out again.

It is unclear if the alligator was successfully neutralized.

As of Monday morning, The park had closed from the public and will continued to be closed for at least 72 hours or until it is deemed safe and the alligator is no longer a threat.

No one knows how the alligator got into the park’s pond or the park altogether.

Someone may have released the alligator into the pond, though owning an alligator is illegal in New Jersey.

Though they can be purchased in other states.

Most reptile owners release their animals into the local bodies of water when they can no longer care for them.

Police Chief Matthew Geist made a statement on Monday about the Parks closing.

"Citizens are strongly urged to stay away from Creighton Lake and Ambrose Brook and should NOT approach or attempt to capture the alligator," said Geist.

The Police Department will continue to monitor the area until further notice.

The NJDEP Fish and Wildlife are currently seeking information on the whereabouts of the alligator so they can set a humane trap.

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