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Aaron Rodgers will make his Debut As a New York Jet

Aaron Rodgers is making his official debut as a New York Jet in Saturday nights Giants versus Jets game at Metlife stadium. 

A source confirmed that the 39-year-old Quarterback would play this upcoming weekend. 

Rodgers hasn’t played a pre-season game since early 2018, when he played with the Green Bay Packers. 

Rodgers started every preseason game for the first fourteen seasons with the team. 

The last time we saw him play in this type of game was in Week Two of the preseason in 2018 when the team played the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

In that game, he played five snaps and completed two out of four passes for 35 yards and a touchdown. 

Since then, Rodgers hasn’t played any preseason games at all. 

The Jets will use Saturday Night's game as a dress rehearsal before the regular season starts. 

They want to see how well he will do. 

He is the only start that they are going to put in for the finale of the preseason. \

His other teammates, Breece Hall, Garret Wilson, and Dalvin Cook, played in a regular season game. 

The Jets are looking forward to this game on Saturday, though they have fears and worries due to their history with quarterbacks when playing the Giants in the preseason. 

In 2013, Former Quarterback  Mark Sanchez suffered a season-ending shoulder injury. In 2003, another former Quarter Back, Chad Pennington, broke his left arm (Non-throwing) and missed the first six games due to his injury due to the preseason. 

Though the Jets will still go full force ahead with starting Rodgers. 

The Giants and Jets game will take place Saturday Night at 6 P.M. 

The game can be streamed on ABC, NBC, the NFL Network, and the NFL+ app. 

The New York Post first reported on Rodgers's start for the upcoming game.  

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