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A Current Update on The New York Football Giants

The New York Football Giants have been in shambles for the last few seasons, and this year, free agency is giving the team a little hope to have a much better season than before.

Off-season is no joke for any team involved in the NFL, and The Giants have often spent a lot of time trying to rebuild their team.

They have both managed to get several Free Agents while losing other players due to the free agency market.

After a disastrous last season with Daniel Jones's neck injury and tearing his ACL, Tyrod Taylors' rib injury and having Tommy "Cutlets" Devito cover as a quarterback, and 75 percent of both of the offensive line and defensive line going out on injury, The Giants have spent a lot of time trying to put together something much better.

The first thing that they had to do was fix their coaching staff and follow that work on building a winning team.

After the departure of Don Martindale, The Giants hired two new coach staff members from the Tennessee Titans.

To fill the defensive coordinator position, they hired Shane Bowen, the defensive coordinator for the Titans. They hired Tim Kelly as the new tight ends coach after being the Titans offensive coordinator in 2023.

In recent events over the past week, The Giants lost two of their most fantastic assets for the team.

Saquon Barkley, the former running back for The Giants, was left to free agency after not being franchise-tagged again this year. Barkley signed a new deal with the Philidelphia Eagles and will play on their home turf in the new season.

Barkley's deal with the Eagles is a three-year contract worth $37.75M and includes a 26M dollar at signing.

He had stated that he wanted to be a Giant for life, but things did not work out in New York.

On the other hand, Xavier McKinney, The former safety for the Giants, signed a new deal to play in Green Bay.

As McKinney hit the market, Green Bay seemed to have scooped him up without a problem. McKinney signed a four-year deal, $68M. This deal makes Mckinney the third highest-paid safety within the entire NFL.

To take McKinney's place on the team, The Giants have signed Safety Jalen Mills.

While The Giants have continued to lose players, they have gained some new faces and well-known people from Free Agency.

To start, The Giants acquired several new players, such as Drew Lock, The former backup quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Isiah McKenzie, who formally played as a Wide Reciever for the Buffalo Bills, and Brian Burns, who was a defensive end and came from the Carolina Panthers, to name a few.

Other players have been signed this year to The Giant's Offensive line as well. Those two players are Jon Runyan, a Guard, and Jermaine Eluemunor, who plays Guard/Tackle.

Currently, at this time, Eluemunor will be replacing the current offensive tackle, Evan Neal.

Tons of others were signed onto the team for the new season, and The Giants should have no issue this year with bringing the heat.

It is also believed that Daniel Jones will be the starting quarterback this coming season.

This year, the team should play much differently with all the new players they have signed.

The Giants will be able to look great this coming season, and hopefully, the many fans in New York will see a change in how the team has been playing in the last several years.


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